Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121

Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121

HGR Update 10 2020

New Website

As many of you know by now, we redid the HGR website. We want to make using the website as easy as possible. We are still working on implementing many great new features to offer you a way better experience.

Upcoming New App

We are working on a new version of the app that better integrates HGR VIP into the experience. In spite of all this craziness with the pandemic, we are grateful for the opportunity to still try and make progress on our projects. Specially a much improved and needed new app. Our listeners have told us what is needed and is important to them on an app, we are trying to deliver on that with a new and improved app

Text Notifications

We are very close to launching text notifications. You will be able to receive text alerts from us when a live event is about to start. You will want to sign up for text notifications when they become available to stay informed as to what is taking place at HGR. You will be able to text back and interact with us.

Needed upgrades

As phones and mobile devices become smarter, as technology changes and keeps on improving by leaps and bounds more often, HGR needs to stay up to date in order to be able to offer the best possible experience for all of our listeners who are using the latest and newest devices to tune in. we need to upgrade a lot of our broadcasting equipment to stay up to date. In order to implement a lot of the features that we want our listeners to take advantage of, we need to upgrade some outdated equipment. We need to bring another server online due to the growing demand for HGR. Many of you know the cost of adding another server and the support it takes to maintain them. We are asking for your help. How can you help? You can help us by becoming a VIP

Become a VIP

When you sign up for HGR VIP, you help us cover the cost of operations for HGR. You allow us to keep spreading this great gospel all over the world. Your $10 dollars a month subscription or $100 dollars for the whole year helps us stay on the air. Help us implement all of these great features that we want to implement at HGR by signing up. Many are the people that are blessed and nurtured by HGR. Join us and help keep this ministry running by signing up for HGR VIP.

What do I get with HGR VIP?  – All 21 of our stations

You will be able to tune in to HGR 1, HGR 2, HGR 3, HGR 4 and HGR 5. 

HGR 3, HGR 4 and HGR 5 are commercial free

Nine speaker channels  – Commercial free. The speaker channels include – HGR Crawford Coon, HGR Jeff Arnold, HGR Joel Holmes, HGR Johnny Godair, HGR Larry Booker, HGR Lee Stoneking, HGR Keith Clark, HGR Nathaniel J Wilson, HGR Marvin Terrell.

HGR Ladies channel – The women of the Apostolic Pentecostal faith preaching 24/7.

HGR DMM Business Class

HGR Music, HGR Arabic, HGR Portugues, HGR Español 1, HGR Español 2,

Take advantage of the HGR VIP benefits today. Help us by doing your part to keep this ministry growing by signing up to HGR VIP if you haven’t done so already.