Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121

Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121

HGR Update December 2019

HGR Update December 2019

The Shop is Open Again

We have over 12,000 sermons in the shop that are now in stock and can be purchased. If you haven’t visited our shop in a while, we invite you to come back and help us keep this ministry running with your purchases. When you register on the site for free, you can now have unlimited access to your mp3 download purchases from My Account. Mp3s are $4.00 and cds are $6.00.

HGR VIP – 20 Radio Stations

HGR VIP is a paid membership that gives you access to 20 of our HGR Radio Stations on our website

You still haven’t signed up for HGR VIP? Here is what you are missing out on

HGR 1, HGR 2, HGR 3, HGR 4, HGR 5 – HGR 3, 4 and 5 will be removed from the free app after 01 10 2020 but will remain a part of the HGR VIP package

7 Speaker channels – HGR Larry Booker, HGR Joel Holmes, HGR Nathaniel J Wilson, HGR Johnny Godair, HGR Jeff Arnold, HGR Keith Clark, HGR Lee Stoneking,

HGR Ladies, HGR DMM Business Class, Marvin Terrell, HGR Music, HGR Arabic, HGR Español 1, HGR Español 2, HGR Portugues,

HGR VIP is $10.00 Dollars a month or $100.00 a year. All of the funds from the shop and from the paid subscription help us keep the ministry running.

To register if you haven’t done so, click on the link below