Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121

Need Help? Call Us: 623 262 5121


Just Added Over 100 sermons to the HGR Stations

Just added over 100 sermons to the HGR stations. Thank you for tuning in, thank you for supporting HGR with your paid VIP subscription, sermon purchases and for sharing content with us so that we can broadcast it to the entire world. Keep the cds, tapes, mp3s and whatever other format there is out there coming. Remember that every sermon you hear on HGR can be purchased in the HGR shop. CDs are 6 dollars and mp3s are 4 dollars. Thank you for helping us keep the HGR servers running with your support.

We now have over 16340 sermons running on our stations. We have over 20,000 sermons in our archives. Working on editing about 4000 of them to bring them to you. Please visit the HGR Shop to see what is new.