LIVE events Dec 2023

Make plans to join us for our four LIVE events that we have for you to close out 2023 and get a jump start on 2024. We will be starting in about 30 minutes from now. Tonight we have 2:38 Conference on HGR 1 starting at 7:30 PM PST. Avalanche 2023 is starting at 7 P M PST on HGR 3. We are going to be airing them on HGR 1, HGR 2, HGR 3 and HGR 4 for all of you to tune in LIVE. Please enable notifications on the HGR app to be notified as soon as an event goes LIVE. Thank you for tuning in, thank you for supportiNg HGR.

2:38 Youth Conference – HGR 1

Summit 23 – HGR 2

Avalanche 2023 – HGR 3

texas – HGR 4